Leadership Development Training

Leadership Style

Ergonomics For Leaders

The Ultimate Team Sport

Customer Enthusiasm

Continuous Improvement and Change

Target Focused Performance Evaluations

Lifetime Guidance Consulting

Lifetime Guidance Leadership Development Training and Consulting Services

Leadership Development / Personal Growth

  • Consulting support of Leadership Development Training  implementation
  • Providing Individual and Group Certified Coaching and Counseling for leaders, staffs and teams

Continuous Improvement & Change

  • Training and Consulting to identify and implement opportunities for the  identification and elimination of waste, improved productivity  and increased Value Added processing 

Communications & Team Collaboration

  • Training and Consulting to support improved communications and team growth in decision making and the acceptance of change

Workplace Development / Ergonomics

  • Evaluation of workplaces with local resources to analyze opportunities for improved productivity and ergonomics 

Target Focused Performance Evaluation Guidance

  • Training and implementation guidance of "target focused" measures for individual, team and organizational performance evaluations

DISC Assessment and Analysis Application Support

  • Administration and implementation guidance of DISC Assessment results for individuals, staffs and teams


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