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The LG Difference in Coaching & Counseling Services


Certified Coaching + Certified Counseling = The LG Difference

Certified Coaching and Counseling are not the same services.  Both serve specific purposes and are not to be confused.  At Lifetime Guidance, we offer both services separately but have found that in most situations, a blend of the two can be beneficial to the client.  

This  is the LG Difference.

Certified Coaches inspire, provide hope, encourage and help people develop realistic action plans to achieve life goals. Coaches are not advisers. They help a person to believe in themselves and find direction and inspiration to overcome limitations that affect personal satisfaction in Careers, Health, Spirituality, Finances, Relationships and Overall happiness and Joy in life. When a person has deeper issues that required the trained services of a Certified Counselor, traditionally a referral is made to a qualified professional to resolve emotional well being issues that could be limiting their goal achievement abilities. Lifetime Guidance makes that step smooth and easy with our NBCC Board Certified Counseling services available for clients.

Certified Counselors help individuals understand the aspects of emotional well being and their effects on a healthy mind, body and spirit balance. Certified Counselors are specifically trained to work with physicians to support healthy emotional well being lifestyles through the trained analysis and resolution of personal issues stemming from deep within the mind and body. Certified Counselors are qualified to advise individuals with targeted emotional well being analysis tools and plans to resolve issues affecting the ability to see and achieve life goals and opportunities.

The LG Difference provides clients an opportunity to benefit from FIA Certified Professional Coaching and NBCC Certified Counseling together to help resolve Emotional Well Being challenges while simultaneously developing action plans strategically created to give hope for the achievement of personal and professional goals at the client's request. Some people desire to specifically address emotional well being issues first before stepping into coaching.  We respect the client's personal preference but offer a unique blend of Coaching and Counseling to those wishing to take full advantage of the LG Difference.


In summary, The LG Difference is a unique opportunity for clients.  Clients can be guided through the strategic process of overcoming emotional well being challenges using NBCC Certified Professional Counseling services while simultaneously being inspired with FIA Certified Professional Coaching to provide inspiration for the predominate purpose of achieving personal and professional goals.


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The LG Difference in Leadership Development Training and Consulting Services

Leadership Development Training & Consulting = The LG Difference

Lifetime Guidance provides over 50 years of combined leadership experience in problem solving and inspiring others to learn how to be accomplished focused and productivity driven.  

We offer our 30+ years of industrial engineering management and workplace development expertise in the automotive and optical industries with 20+ years of human behavior Emotional Well Being Care and leadership from the military through our Leadership Development Training and Consulting. Lifetime Guidance helps leaders and staffs be productivity driven.

  • Leadership Development / Personal Growth
  • Continuous Improvement & Change
  • Communications & Team Collaboration
  • Workplace Development / Ergonomics
  • DISC Assessment


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