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Global Coaching/Counseling & Leadership Development Training/Consulting

Global Coaching/Counseling & Leadership Development Training/Consulting

Global Coaching/Counseling & Leadership Development Training/ConsultingGlobal Coaching/Counseling & Leadership Development Training/ConsultingGlobal Coaching/Counseling & Leadership Development Training/Consulting

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Yes, life has many challenges.


We offer hope, inspiration and guidance to individuals or groups of all ages seeking direction in life or looking for achievable ways to be more satisfied in their:






Overall Happiness and Joy



We believe that your levels of satisfaction in each of these 6 areas of life are very important contributing factors to the Thoughts, Feelings and Actions that Only You Control.

We can help you set achievable goals and action plans to realize your full potential and desired goals.

Are you interested in discovering proven ways to overcome life's challenges and better yourself, or even the effectiveness of your team?  

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Your Success really is our passion

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Experience Personal Growth With Lifetime Guidance

Jerry Combs, John Maxwell Team Certified Professional Coach, Trainer, Teacher and Coach.  Fowler Int


"Never, Never, Never Give Up"

 ~ Winston Churchill

This quote is my inspiration to never let adversities in life define me.  A diagnosis of MS, over 20 years ago, has never stopped me from following my calling to effectively help others advance their careers and be successful.  Through my faith in God, I daily find new strength and direction. 

I am sharing my 30+ years experience as an engineering manager with General Motors along with my involvement in the entertainment industry to guide, encourage and grow individuals and organizations.  In addition to Coaching and Career Counseling, I share the specific qualities that Resumes & Cover Letters must have to be effective personal marketing tools.

As a Certified John Maxwell Coach, Trainer and Speaker, I offer customized presentations to fit your individual or team’s needs and budget such as:

  • 10 minute briefing
  • “Lunch and Learn”
  • Keynote speech for your company sponsored event
  • Half day and full day workshop/seminar
  • In-house corporate training

I will provide effective team communication and structure that is important for forging relationships equipping your team with the proper attitudes to develop leaders within. 

We will work through goal setting and communication exercises that will bring cohesiveness to your group ultimately increasing productivity due to the positive influences each member will have on the group as a whole.

 Book Jerry to speak at your next meeting and learn why "Your Success really is our passion" is more than a motto at Lifetime Guidance.   

Contact Jerry Combs  for more information.

50+ Years Of Leadership Development & Consulting Experience



Dr. Scott is accredited through the National Board of Certified Counselors, and is a Masters Level Counselor with 5 years of clinical experience.  As a 20 year US Air Force Veteran, Dr. Scott has coached many individuals during the sometimes challenging  transition to civilian life.


He is qualified to guide individuals through the process of overcoming Emotional Well Being challenges in life including:

  • Stress Overload & Multitasking Difficulties
  • Regret or Blame
  • Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D.)
  • Eating Challenges & Disorders
  • Depression/Grief Care/Dealing with Health Challenges
  • Childhood & Adolescence Challenges
  • Fear
  • Unexplained Moods and Feelings
  • Aging/Gerontological Challenges
  • Accountability Issues
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (P.T.S.D.)
  • Indecisiveness
  • Sexual Abuse Recovery
  • Panic Attacks
  • Anger Management
  • Couples & Family Relationship Challenges
  • Self Esteem
  • Addictions and Dependency

Contact Dr. Scott Parkhurst for more information.


Dr. Ken Steorts, President - Visible Music College

Lifetime Guidance and Jerry specifically went so fast in resolving our student recruitment issue at Visible Music College that it was completed before we even had a complete strategy in place. Taking the slimmest of information from us, Jerry took actions that led to resolution of a months long ordeal with agencies that were delaying valued assets from the college. We are grateful for the fast response of Lifetime Guidance. 

Thompson Deufel - Chicago, IL

"Through their passion and dedication to serve those around them, Jerry and Dr. Scott offer a service that goes beyond that of simply building a professional document. Each meeting with them provides an opportunity to dive into your professional identity from a new perspective, taking the time to discuss the best approach to help you move forward. Their thoughtful listening supports a mutual dialogue, encouraging you to recognize that your ability to find success and fulfillment was always there; Jerry and Dr. Scott are simply helping you rediscover it. I can’t thank them enough for the insight and direction they have given me so that I can be confident about how I present myself as a professional."

Crusif - Recording Artist - Pretoria, South Africa

"I first met Jerry and Scott in 2018 at a music business seminar in Nashville. At that seminar I was assigned for a chance to talk to a random selection of mentors, which luckily, mine were Jerry and Scott from Lifetime Guidance. From the moment I sat down at the table with them I felt confident, like we were destined to meet. We chatted for a bit and in the end, they agreed to mentor me. Throughout the following months until now, they continue to show me new ways to not only improve myself not only as recording artist, but as a person as well. Assuring me that my skills and strength don’t come from me, but from God. They push me to get out of my comfort zone and change the way I look at the world around me, be that business, music, or just life in general. What they’ve taught me this far will be with me for the rest of my life and I could only hope to gain more from them. They are pure hearted and set on helping you improve in any way they can, while also making you feel like family and that is the most important thing they could have given me."

Ryan McMahan - CEO, RSK Music Group - Nashville,TN

"Jerry has been a close friend and mentor of mine for several years. Running a management company and directing the careers of artists is my daily life. There are very few people who have impressed me with the guidance they give people. There are even less people I trust enough to speak into my life. Jerry Combs is one of those people. He has a great mind, a compassionate heart, and is creatively firm enough in his approach to make sure the wisdom he shares is heard and taken to heart. He is a person that goes beyond just helping you find a path, but leads you to a greater understanding of your gifts and purpose." 

Amy - Recording Artist - England

"Lifetime guidance did an amazing job of supporting and guiding me through a transitional season in my life. Through the sessions together I feel encouraged and empowered to walk in my God given calling."   

Richard - Safety Basis/Technical Services Engineer - Columbia, TN

"I met Jerry Combs at a Men's Group meeting in Columbia, TN. I had been out of work for nearly three years and was ready to return to the work force. As well as being a disabled veteran, I had been a chemical engineer working in nuclear materials processing and environmental remediation for 14 years prior to being sidelined with illness from which I was not expected to recover. My career ended, my marriage ended and my Independence was gone. Yet, I did recover my health. After about six months of remission, I accepted the victory God had laid before me. At this time, I met Jerry, another present at the hand of God. The timing was perfect and in God's hands. My interactions with Jerry in redeveloping my resume (I had to start from scratch, as old files had been lost) were incredible. In the process, Jerry helped me reach in and pull out the confident and competent engineer that I had been and set him on display. It was as if everything I had been through had enshrouded me in doubt, burying my professional self-assuredness and confidence. I was a distant memory to myself. Jerry and Dr. Scott helped me to withdraw that shroud. I carried that into my first interview, and that first interview resulted in an offer. It was an offer I accepted, as it was a very, very good offer. I start my new job in a week and a half in Oak Ridge, TN. I highly recommend Lifetime Guidance."  

Amy - Memphis, TN

"I was just thinking today and was reminded of the encouragement and wisdom I received from you and Scott, and wanted to let you know that I appreciated it. Thank you for being part of that weekend. I trust things are going well with your business as you impact people for God's glory!" 

Robert Biehn - Murfreesboro, TN

 "Jerry & Dr. Scott are two very intelligent individuals who put their thorough, analytical views to help grow and uplift others. Between the two of them there is an immense amount of diverse work and personal life experience, along with a heart for helping others become the best versions of themselves, that no matter what your needs are they will be able to help you identify the barriers and struggles in your life and aid in constructing a plan, both emotionally and physically to overcome them.

A word of advice, make sure to be humble and honest. Don't let pride or fear get in the way of growth and opportunity. Jerry & Dr. Scott are tremendous resources worth every penny, every meeting, every moment."

No Cost Meeting


A no cost meeting is available for all new clients. 

We look forward to learning about your challenges and goals.  


Personal Meetings, Videoconferencing & Conference Calls

We personally meet with you in the greater Nashville, TN  and Oxford, MS areas, even at  your favorite coffeehouse, but our clients are worldwide.

We provide individual and group Coaching & Counseling, locally or worldwide using videoconferencing with and conference calls.

We reserve the right to decline services per our Individual Service Agreement requirements.

Occasionally, Lifetime Guidance is asked to provide prearranged guidance services for others.  With only the exceptions of Business Focused Problem Solving/Team Building Sessions and Interpersonal Group Relationships Focused Sessions, it is our policy to limit Coaching/Counseling services to individuals who personally request guidance for themselves.


"The only things in life that we can control are our own thoughts, feelings and actions."

Thank you for your understanding.

Jerry Combs, CPC, CCC


(615) 492 1177

Dr. Scott Parkhurst, DHSc, NCC

Dr.Scott Parkhurst, NHSc, NCC

Jerry Combs - Certified Coach / Teacher / Trainer / Speaker


Contact me to speak at your next meeting.


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